I do a bit of art work on the side

Trying to get a bit more exposure for my art so hope it’s ok to post here. I’ve been in the construction (drywall taping & ceiling texture) biz for 40+ years and it’s taken it’s toll on me physically so I am hoping that I can eventually make enough to live on (or even just pay a few bills) with my art as I near the end of my construction career. Right now I just do art part time as a hobby. I am posting here to hopefully get my art seen by more people. I have a Facebook art page and also on Instagram. I will post a link to both below. Have a look and let me know what you think. Any “Likes”, “Follows” and “Shares” would be appreciated. THANKS!!

EmCeeArtworks - Facebook
EmCeeArtworks - Instagram


Beautiful work @Swig, just beautiful. I think that Crimson Swirl is my favorite so far. It reminds me of flowers and brings back nostalgia for where I was raised (Hawai’i). Granted the islands are no longer what they were in my youth but the memories of the flowers have stayed with me. That Crimson Swirling is indicative of many of the Islands’ vast array of floral growth.

We have many artists in OTG. It would really be cool if we had an Artists’ category for folks to show off their own creations. My humble art is mostly in clay, although I have painted and drawn my entire life. However, clay art captured my heart.

This particular wall installation was part of my final senior show presentation. It encompasses my varied interests. The image I used for it was a water color painting I had made years earlier.

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Thanks lyns :smile: Glad one of my works reminded you of a past memory. I agree, it would be nice to have an Artist corner here in the guild. We could support each others work or maybe even have an art channel in Discord. I imagine more people on there than the forums. Great job on the clay wall art :+1:

Thanks :grin:

Gorgeous work @Swig ! Have you tried an Etsy shop? A lot of people are turning away from Facebook and the younger generations aren’t even starting accounts at this point. You might open up a huge audience if you branched out a bit more. You are so talented!

I agree with Mabyn, I for one, do not do FB at all so I don’t see any postings by my friends because I’ve no account. I just don’t trust social media these days…way too toxic.

Thanks Mabyn :smile: I did have an Etsy shop for about 2 years and not a single sale so I quit using it. Without getting any type of support or exposure it’s tough to gain clients/customers with Etsy. So many people using it I just couldn’t compete. Felt like my art shop was just a grain of sand in the middle of a vast desert :cry: I also tried places like Society6 and Redbubble but they take the bulk of any profit and so I closed those shops as well. I might rethink Etsy opening up my Etsy again. Will post here if I do. I know some are turning away from Facebook so that’s why I have my Instagram account. I also have Twitter but have not really used it in some time.

Someone turned me on to the fact the people are using Pinterest to advertise themselves and linking back to the actual listing of the items you pin. I had an Etsy shop as well and got annoyed by their fees so ended up making a site with a shop on the site. I have not tried the Pinterest trick yet (haven’t been feeling very creatively motivated lately). Just getting a non-Facebook shop would be a good step. If you are interested in making a site via SquareSpace, this is my site and you can see the shop linked in the upper right: BrandeeBlank.com

I would suggest deviantart.com and artstation.com as online galleries.

Wow those two sites are amazing. Wish I had seen something like that back in the early 2000s when I had my ceramic business open.

Thanks for the links juulz :+1: Seems like artstation is more geared toward those who are looking for job opportunities and that does not really apply to me. Deviantart site does not give much info as far as what it is about and how to get started. They have no “About” link that I could find. I’m sure I’ll find something down the road. But thanks again for the links :smile:

130 views on this post, 25 clicked on my Facebook link and maybe 2 members liked or followed my art page there.
Only 11 from my Instagram and as far as I can tell no follows there. I know some do not use these platforms at all so wasn’t expecting much but I am a bit disappointed at the low interest. Guess there are not many art lovers in our guild. Thanks to those who responded though. Very much appreciated!!! Wish you all a Safe and Happy holiday!!!