I came to say


Quick history of mmo’s:
SWG, WoW, SL, EvE, AoC, ESO.

Met my wife in SL, married 11 yrs.

We dated in Age of Conan 2 years before getting married. Then I went full Barbarian and went and stole her from TN and brought her to OK. She’s stuck with me now.

We both play MMO’s together still as time permits, we both run a small IT company in our city, she’s the boss/admin and I’m the guy that goes out and does techy stuff.

We are not super hard core gamers but we do like to have a good core group of guild mates we can get to know and play with. Getting older makes it more difficult to make friends it seems.

ESO has captivated us with it’s very rich story telling quests, some of the best we’ve seen. I’m a bit bummed there is literally ZERO need for player dependence. I compare all MMO’s to SWG which had a true player driven economy and the master crafters crafted the best stuff in game, not drops. So players constantly interacted and did trade, shared resources, bartered…etc…/rant off.

Looking forward to getting ESO’s secrets unlocked as so far just been a standard gamer and havn’t learned how to RAID or PVP, but hoping that will change now that we’re in a good guild.

I hope to see you in game!

Have a great day!


One of the nicest things in ESO was my hirelings. And I was so sad when their stories ended. Just… Little things :smiley:

looking forward to it!

Yeah. When you get hirelings, don’t just “Collect All”, read their mails, there’s some gems in there.

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