I am sick of GSF

I ran it on my 4 toons who are at 80, 3 times each, to get the weeklies in. You get 1 point for losing, 2 points for winning. It takes 4 points to complete the weekly. Needless to say, I ran a LOT of GSF to gear my commando. His gear score is now 326 but I still have a few pieces of blue 324 to replace. It sucks to have to run so many GSF’s but it is the fastest way to purple 326 gear. An added bonus is that you get 1000 tech fragments for each weekly you complete. That makes this method the fastest way to acquire and upgrade your legendary implants.

I hate GSF and totally suck at it to boot. I just don’t get it.

There are some good tutorials on YouTube. The good news is that you don’t have to be good at it. You get points, win or lose, and sometimes you get lucky and get on a good team. There are 2 capture the satellites games and 1 deathmatch game. In the capture the satellite games, your team just has to maintain control of 2 of 3 satellites for the majority of the time. The first to 1000 wins. In the deathmatch, it’s straight up air warfare. The team leading in kills at the end of 10 minutes or first one to 50 kills wins. I am ok at the satellite games. I really suck at the deathmatch game.

One other benefit to running GSF’s until you puke is that with the completion of each weekly, you get a gear crate. The crate is a guaranteed upgrade to your gear based on what you are currently wearing. Once you have your toon in full 326 purple gear, you can then start opening the crates and continue to get 326 purples. It’s a great way to gear alts.

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As grueling as it is to grind content, I think it’s nice that you have an alternative way of replacing your gear. On an non-relating gripe of my own, I wish the mouse wasn’t so darn sensitive in this game. Otherwise I’d play it more.

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