Is it realistic to solo a hunter at gear lvl 500?

I soloed the first 6 before I was 500 gear score. There shouldn’t be any reason you cant pull it off with 500. Just plan your attack before you start.

I almost soloed the two hunters but the second one got me right before I got him. I suggest at least one more person for that instance. However, I think with a bit of luck it can be soloed as well. I just called for help and some individual helped me drop the 2 hunters when I went back.

The 4 hunter version…that is going to need help unless you are one of them rare super hero players of this game that solo heroic missions. I tried a couple times for fun and the best I did was 2 hunters down. That was only because I got lucky and not only had a civilian patrol walk in but a True Sons patrol walk in the area at the same time momentarily distracting the hunters long enough for me to drop two. Then the other 2 focused on me and dropped me pretty quick. A full team of 4 would make the 4 hunter instance very easy.

It might be a little cheesy, but spec into full signature damage on the grenade launcher. It will give you a helping hand with those awesome and nasty Hunters.

I generally play the survivalist, every time I hear Boom, Boom, Boom from my teammates, my agent gets up out of cover, looks at his X-bow embarrassingly and head down, goes and collects his loot, lol.

Especially since 50% of the time, my X-bow makes a twang like sound, all NPC’s on the map start doing cartwheels and my bolt ends up stuck in a wall somewhere…haha.

I was able to solo all of them prior to tidal basin. Granted I died ALOT. There are environmental aspects you can use to your advantage. After a couple of the times I was killed I respawned and was able to catch the hunter in a fire fight with another faction. So I was able to attack and kill him while he was distracted. The hardest one for me was the multiple hunter encounters.

It’s possible, I got the masks 11/12 before I went into world tiers. I had to wait on the final one to be patched… he was sadly easy to be honest