HUD Modification/Settings To Remove Clutter

Is there some sort of setting (or mod if absolutely necessary) that can reduce the amount of “clutter” all of the name tags are creating? I’ve looked through the settings although I cannot find anything that works/makes sense to try and mods are essentially verboten in-game if I understand things.

The “clutter” just makes the game nearly unplayable when in sanctuary or other similar high volume areas for me.


Click escape - click character configuration - pick display name settings (4th red button down) - pick others tab (2nd from left on top) - I have alliance and other pc’s “Display Name Settings” set to when targeted instead of always - then go to the 3rd tab (NPCs) and switch housing and minions to when targeted - click apply and close - this should cut down on a lot of the name tag clutter.

Airen (Ariki Ko FFXIV CO)

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Thank you very much!
Seems like a lot of clicks (or otherwise much too deep into the UI) but will be worth so much more… I’ll try to check this next time I’m in game!!

FF14 has an absolutely stupid amount of customization, so you’re pretty much always going to be knee deep into menus to change everything you can change.

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Thanks! That’s good to know especially since it’s been so long since I’ve played.

Thanks, again!
This makes a HUGE difference. I can actually see things… probably need to tweak a few more setting but the “Minimal” seems to suit me well so far (only a few minutes, but still so much less clutter!!!).

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Here are two macros that I use to make it much easier to see what is happening in Fates and Raids. They turn the Battle Effects off and on as you need them. And they work in the middle of combat so you don’t have to be trying to scroll through windows while fighting a boss.
To turn the battle effect off:
/bfx party simple
/bfx other simple

And to turn it on again:
/bfx party all
/bfx other all

Just set them up with an icon each and place them on a skill bar. Note that these do not turn off anything you actually need to see. You’ll still see all the boss actions and any important party actions like healer bubbles etc.


You can also set up 4 different HUD layouts which you can swap out with macros as well.

Thanks for these extra tips!! They’re much appreciated.

I’m torn between getting a few more levels in and doing some deep-dive research into how the game mechanics work rather than just hoping I pick it up while I play.

I’m only level 9, level 10 is a “big” level and it feels like I barely know what I am doing… nothing too unusual in that, just a bit more obvious here.

Relax and enjoy the story. I see a lot trying to level fast to get to the end game. This MMO is about the journey, the end game is about glamours. :grinning:


Thanks for the advise!

I’m not in a hurry to grind out to the end-game (I usually leave if the grind is too, too obvious)… well, unless that means I can get to the content I really want to see (maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t – I’m fine with finding out along the way).

I do get the distinct impression that even though you can take all classes on the same character currently I’m mostly interested in seeing the “crafting” side of things. Which, if I understand things correctly, requires level 10 to get to… I simply don’t want to miss any of the “story” while trying to get to that personal goal and I also don’t want to get too distracted by some other “shiny” path along the way.

Each class in the game has it’s own specific story, including each of the gathering and crafting classes. That is why I did them all to max level. However, it is difficult to craft or gather beyond the level of the main story line because it is the main story that unlocks which areas you can go to. So if you’re gathering materials to use in your crafting, you may not be able to get to where you would gather those materials without first following the story. All that being said, play the game however you like and work on whatever you feel like working on, There is no right or wrong way to level in this game. Just do what makes you happy.