It’s been several years (around 4) since I “played” EVE, but am looking to try and get into it again. I’m still very much a tyro. In fact, I know less now than I did 4 years ago. I’ve purchased three months and intend to putter around and see if I can smile, laugh, rage and cry enough in healthy proportions to continue to be the relatively stable and happy person that I am. I will probably mine a little, and do some explorations/scanning if I can remember how and then branch out or not from there.

I’ve logged on to find myself in a Skiff in the Gulfonodi System in the Fittakan Constellation of the Molden Heath. It’s a .5 system with 2 adjacent .6 systems. I’ve yet to undock. While I do love pvp, I’ve never actively chosen to engage in it while playing EVE because I just knew so little about the game and I prefer to learn everything else before I pvp.

First problem: There seems to be in an inordinate amount of WANTED folks in local chat, with the rest being at or below 5.0 security rating. Am I in some kind of pvp kill zone? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this way when I logged off 4 years ago…I’m not one to court danger when I’m so ignorant…and in a Skiff.

Any help or guidance will be much appreciated.


P.S. I’ve only seen two folks docked at the same station that I am docked. Both were wanted and one has a 277 million bounty. The one with the bounty has been docked every time I log in.


Watching SeamusDonohueEVE series:

And Event Horizon’s series:

And Event Horizon’s additional series:

Please add any others y’all think would be beneficial.


That is one hot system these days…

Not looking to gank, but should be aware of what kind of situations or mistakes they look for: