How would my afk fishing benefit BDOTG?

I see people advertising guilds, saying join us even if you just afk fish. All life skillers welcome.

So, why? The afk fisher would benefit from any guild boosts but what good is that for the guild?

Just curious, that’s all.

Ed (Zaklon in BDO, family name Eduard)

Simple. If you have, say, 20 people AFK fishing, and someone pulls a fishing guild quest, it’ll get filled generally without anyone even trying.

That means guild xp and money which can go towards guild perks and boosts.


Like Splutty had mentioned there are some benefits for us as a guild to have members who AFK fish, with the fishing event that just started and with the new guild boss Khan (where pulling fishing, sea monster hunting, and margoria gathers gives us the pieces we need to make the summons scroll for Khan). So our guilds are pulling more of these missions, so by having members who afk fish they are getting completed fairly quickly.

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Good to hear. I actually do more than just afk fishing, but I do a lot of fishing.
And with these wonderfully valuable Yvrug fish we have until the 27th, I am fishing 24/7. :crazy_face:


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