How to use quantum snare?

Hi, so I gifted my Cutlass Blue to my son and he noticed it is supposed to have a ‘quantum snare’ capability. He’s done a ton of searches and can’t find any reference to this on official CIG fora/ sites or Reddit, etc. Can anyone shed any light on this and how to deploy it?

Only thing I’ve seen on it;

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It is disabled by default, but if you go to power settings for the ship and turn it on you can use it as your secondary fire.

You also get a crime stat for turning it on and increasing crime stat for using it.

The idea of the dampener is interesting but the mechanics are not at all in place and the game is not ready for this feature yet.

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So basically do not fly my Cutlass Blue at this time :heavy_check_mark:

Oh you can still fly it, just don’t power on the dampener

That’s like give a 12 year old a brick of firecrackers and telling them not to light em.

Hell that’s like giving me a brick of firecrackers… :smiley:

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