How to get Gear in Dragonflight to be able to run LFR

LFR Wing 1 was released last week. As with any LFR there is a minimum ilvl requirement to ensure the players entering are at the appropriate gear level to enjoy the content.

ilvl serves to ensure you have a certain base level of health to survive raid mechanics and dps/hps (if class is played correctly) to take down the bosses and survive in the time allowed.

LFR for Dragonflight’s Vault of the Incarnates is set in stone by Blizzard. There is no wiggle room here, either you are at this level or you can not join.

Ilvl is set at 359.

Now the question is how to get there…

Base Crafted Gear ilvl 343 will only get you so far, but it allows you to jumpstart the ilvl increases from WQ & World Events. Everything scales in Dragonflight based on your current ilvl, except for specific loot drops such as World Bosses that have a set loot table.

Weekly events will drop loot, these are opened up at level 70 and certain renown ranks.
These all should be done every week. You rewards will only continue to increase as you grind.

Heroic Dungeons will reward 359, depending on the class you play, Tanks & Healers will be able to que faster solo compared to DPS. Finding a guild group is the fastest way if you can all swap to a spec role needed to que instant. Again, a dps spec with a tank/heal spec should swap specs to speed up the process. You should know how to play these off specs to make your toon more invaluable to groups. You can still focus on acquiring dps gear.

Elemental Storms are the casual players gear system. This has both a weekly lockout and 100% grind factor to it. The weekly quest is to acquire the currency Elemental Overflow for the currency Storm Sigil.

Elemental Overflow can be used at one vendor to buy slot specific pieces of gear at 359 ilvl. Storm Sigils can be used at the other vendor to upgrade that piece of gear to 385. Storm Sigils are capped at 9/week. You can get an item from one of each Elemental Storms (Earth,Water, Fire, Wind) that you turn in for 2 Storm Sigils. The weekly gives 1. There is no cap on grinding these mobs for Elemental Overflow currency. Just your determination to stay with it.

The last piece of advice is focus on one toon for gear. If you are jumping around on alts, you are making very little progress overall on getting your ilvl up if you want to join us in LFR.

This can be daunting, so if there are any questions about any thing in game, please ask in Discord or Guild Chat.


LFR Wing 2 in now open.

Two more pieces of Tier Gear is now available: Chest & Legs until the Creation Catalyst opens.

Which realms have an OTG. I am returning to WOW after an 8 month break.

Alliance is Anvilmar
Horde is Kul Tiras

More detailed information is listed under Chapter Information.