How many weapon slots do you have?

I’m interested to know how many weapon slots everyone currently has. They’re not very expensive - 12 plat for 2 (~$0.30 each) - but as I get low on play, I’m having a hard time finding weapons to get rid of. Looks like I have about 133, assuming I didn’t count wrong.

So, how many do you have?

I’m glad to know I’m not abnormal at 70…

Last count i was at 265

I would estimate im sitting around 200

24 rows of 10 weapons each, so 240 weapons. Have about 20 spare slots from attrition and freebies.

Normally I only keep weapons I like or have spent forma/potatoes on and all primes.

So do you guys generally get rid of the standard version when you get the Prime? How about faction versions that don’t have a prime yet…do you still hang onto the standard or just the faction one?

I’m not shy on buying slots, but it’s starting to get annoying having to scroll through so much just to find the weapon I want. Top that off with the annoyance of having plat purchase ones at the bottom so I can’t just go to the bottom and find my sleek and sexy Vectis Prime headshot love giver.

So…umm…yeah. Y’all have any rhyme or reason to what you keep?

I generally get rid of the regular one when I get a Prime one or a faction one, but not in all cases. Sometimes I’ve put a potato in one, so I can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

Other times I am so annoyed by how crappy a weapon is I just sell it as soon as I max it (after I check the “Weapons used as crafting components” list).

Yeah there were a couple weapons so bad I had to create the next weapon or sell it as soon as it hit 30. I’m thinking some of the primes will be the same for me. Like the Bronco…that’s getting fed to the Akbronco and never being sucking up a weapon slot again.

I only keep non-prime non-faction weapons IF they are used as a component in another weapon later or if they’ve got forma in them. I have an unnecessary sentimental attachment to a few weapons that I used in the early days.

Not enough.