How many people are playing or planning to play?

I was hooked from the start and will definitely be in. However, since I can’t get into our server yet, I don’t know whether to keep playing and hope for a server transfer or wait to play until the server opens.

If we are going to have a lot of old timers, I’d love to be on the same server.

There are quite a few of us. That being said, I personally wouldn’t wait until the servers open up more. They are supposedly changing often as to how many they are letting in. So make sure when you log into the game you use steam to log in so the server info is correct.

We will be carefully lifting character creation limits on servers to allow new players to join servers that they may not have been able to previously. However, we are closely monitoring server populations and queue times, so these character creation limits may return as queues begin to grow. Please be aware that the list of servers with account limits may change frequently, and that you will have to relaunch your client in order to access a server with a newly lifted cap. While we are still aiming to keep wait times low, we hope this helps some players join their friends on more servers.-----

Keep an eye on your server selection. This morning Avesta was open. During prime time it is not, so to get into Avesta, all you need is one char slot, log on EARLY or check Server Status | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

If Avesta is green, chances are you can get in.

Quite a few of us created toons on Avestra earlier today…jump in Discord so at the least if you’re not in the guild you can see the people chatting in there and ask questions

I would guess we have 70-100 active OTG’ers playing and thats just a gut guess. May be more.

Assume there will never be server transfers.

They may end up happening, but at this point it’s pure supposition.

So I finally got into Avesta today. It appears names are global at least for the server regions, so I had to delete my other character on Aldeberan to free up that name for use on Avesta. Was pleasantly surprised to see the name was immediately available for use after deletion.

I really like that the saved customizations feature is also global so it was super easy to replicate the same character on a different server.

i just played on a different server untill it opened and now have a bard