How many OTG are playing this on a semi consistant basis?

Hi all. A friend of mine got me to try this game and much to my surprise, I like it. I’m more of a fantasy nut than sci fi, but its still a fun game. All it needs to do is replace all the sci fi models, with fantasy models, and Id love the game that much more, hahah. I know we don’t have an official presence per say, but how many play this on a fairly consistent basis?

eh maybe once every other year?

I hop in daily to at least get the daily login reward and check for new content. We do have an OTG chapter that has a small but active population as well.

as of today we have a 30 man clan in warframe that is pretty active. as of now we are at full capacity, but that being said if your new to WF or have questions please join us in discord and ill be glad to help you out. this game is not playable while typing.

Alright, thanks. Ill have to find a new home in Warframe I guess. =(