How many members still active and raiding in this Title?

Was just wondering how much of a presence OTG had in the Excalibur server, was hoping to get some raiding done in the not too distant future, as well as help and advice. Hope the love isn’t lost. :slight_smile:

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To be more specific, my goal is to get the Rathalos mount and armor from the Monster Hunter World Collab, requires the lvl 70 Extreme version of the raid, anyone else share this particular interest???

While there are 20+ people on most evenings, most of those are new to the game and are following the main story. A lot of the people who were into raiding for mounts etc. left the FC a couple months ago to go to an FC that was more into high end play. All that being said there are still enough high level players to conduct Extreme raids, I’m just not certain how welling they are to do it.

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I think its a bit selfish to think that every member needs to be at the very least EX ready. Instead of asking this question why not work with those new players that now make up your FC and get them ready to farm mounts, ready to run savage content and most of all enjoy their company in the FC enough to become friends. You say you have 20+ people online, The thing is to make sure that each of those people feel welcome and part of the community your trying to make.
When you start having folks be able to run content like Rathalos( keeping in mind if you have 4 folks at atleast 500 ilvl you can easily get 2min 8 second kills with a little practice. Reaching that 50 kill milstone to get the mount or hell having it drop doesn’t seem so tedious then. Looking to getting Gwibers you need to look to the FC as a whole and take stock of who wants to do what kind of content. With 20+ folks you easily have enough folks once they get leveled up to run a couple weekly events. Any member of the FC should have the ability to at the very least suggest an event that should be undertaken.

Finally, make sure all your new folks are having fun answer their questions, make them feel like they are part of a community that wants to keep them around. help them on their quests and don’t just unsync their duties showing them mechanics will keep them informed and make them better players. I hope this helps and I hope you remember that anyone, yes anyone at all can be a mentor to a new player. All it takes is the willingness to give advice.

I’m not sure where your response is coming from?? Where do you get the idea that we think every member needs to be EX ready? The big majority of our FC cares about the game’s story and not much else beyond enjoying the game, and that last is totally dependent on what each player considers fun. If push comes to shove I can do Extremes to help people get mounts. Do I like doing Extremes? Heck no! But I do like helping people so it all balances out. As for your final paragraph, I think we are already doing that. I know I’m certainly trying to at least.

As someone that left OTG in FFXIV a few months ago as Brogg mentioned, I have to back Brogg’s response. OTG is a laid back FC and most members are generally there for the story. Those interested in EX and Savage content usually look to outside groups. Not sure where you’re getting they expect members to be EX ready. And most OTG members are helpful to new players and willing to assist them where possible.

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