How is the activity in SC atm?

How has activity been with you all and SC? I have been getting back into it and will gladly join the org, if there is anybody playing.

Activity is at an all time low.
Right now the game is in a weird state.
It runs really well, framrates are high and stability is strong.
However, while they are continuing to add great content in the form of locations and ships, the game loops are lacking.
Missions are fun, but quite repetitive right now.
And then the broken things are small but affect large systems. For example, combat has a couple of little bugs that make it all but impossible to use fixed weapons. Cargo running has a couple of small bugs that can cause you to lose your entire load and take gigantic losses in aUEC. Ships have a tiny bug with shields that can cause you to explode when taking off, costing you time and aUEC to replace. Weapons have a tiny bug where one particular weapon ignores shields, making it the go to weapon for gankers and asshats.

So there are little bugs that will surely be handled soon, but they are having big effects on the game.

That said, I still log in daily and test often and would be happy to partner up with you anytime.
Be sure to add CimTaurus to your contacts and send me a message with your handle so I can add you too.

I’ll add you, sounds good.

This is what caused me to take a break from the game. Running cargo & mining were the 2 main things I did in SC. The last patch largely fixed mining making it only slightly unstable but what it did with cargo & missions irritated me enough to take a break.