How do I fix pressure missing on left mouse button?

I have a Hero G502 SE mouse. Within the past two weeks I noticed all I had to do was mouse over something to engage. That is nerve racking to say the least. What’s worse is that when I want to throw down a radical for one of my spells it tends to hit the wrong spot as I am moving my mouse to the area or target I want to get to. To say the least, my spells that I use a radical for tend to misfire because for some reason its already gone off before I even apply downward pressure on that left mouse button to accomplish the task.

Is there anyone in the guild familiar with something like this happening on mouse buttons? If so, I can really use some help adjusting this. I misfired several of my spells in raid the last two times because of this problem which made them go off prematurely and totally wasted that power.

But its not restricted just to my game. I noticed when I wanted to engage a link or webpage all I had to do was mouse over it and it worked before I even clicked on it. So its not clicking even in normal functions. I’ve done a google search but all I get are DPI which is not exactly what I need.

I fear if I am unable to fix this, I shall have to purchase a new mouse.

Things to try:

  1. Try unplugging your mouse from the computer for an hour or so then plug it back in.
  2. Reset mouse settings to default.
  3. uninstall mouse software and reinstall.
  4. Uninstall mouse driver and reinstall.
  5. Reset mouse to factory defaults.
  6. Hit the mouse.
  7. Threaten the mouse with the cat.

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Sticky mouse button (something is not releasing smoothly or properly in the button action?) sounds like your mouse may be due for a thorough cleaning. However, tear down on the G502 is not a simple task. there appear to be plenty of videos and tutorials to see what it takes with all the parts involved. Not sure if there’s a service in your area that would do it for you or even if that’s worth cost vs replacement ($52 on Amazon?).

I’d say if you’re willing to tackle it yourself it’s worth a try. Clean everything outside first with wipes and a pointy toothpick to get dirt out of grooves and between moving parts. If that doesn’t solve it, you’ll have to disassemble enough to clean under the buttons where the spring and contact and other moving parts are.

I’d suggest buying another one if you really love this mouse. Then try cleaning the older one patiently and thoroughly while using the newer one and if it solves the problem then you always have a backup to use whenever cleaning becomes necessary again.

I strongly recommend always taking pictures of the disassembly step by step so you have a record of where everything came from to refer to when reassembling. Do it in a space where you can lay everything out and leave it out without risk of disturbance from pets, children, wildlife or aliens.

Hi @Chamir, I’ve already done the cleaning with the canned air pressure, which did get some lint out, but over all nothing sticks and I clean the mouse once a week to remove anything sticky or remove smudges anyway. So its not that type of problem. Its as though all I have to do is mouse over a link or web page link and it opens up before I actually click the left button. Almost as though the mouse is ‘reading my thoughts and silently acting on them’. :thinking:

Not having the same problem with the right mouse button…that one is acting as normal and when I hold it down it does its job as always. Its the left mouse button that I used use to target, or in the case of one of my spells that I must click the left button in order to release the radical for a spell to work. That is not working as it tends to activate on its own without pressure on the button. Really annoying. Now I’ve gone and marked those with “cast/at cursor” in order for me to be able to actually use it …but too often it releases the radical way before I reach the intended target and drops the spell somewhere else instead.

I actually got a tech reply similar to @Kelryth’s so I’ll be trying those steps tomorrow morning. If none of that works, I’ll look into a replacement. I’ve had this mouse for some time so its probably just wear and tear perhaps on the contact under the left button? Not sure if that’s a thing though. I remember membrane contacts under an older keyboard wearing so thin that eventually the key failed. But I thought with this mouse it, I would not be faced with that type of issue.

I apologize, Lyn, for how technical I’m about to get here:

If your mouse gets wonky, replace it and save yourself hours and hours of trying stuff that won’t work.

Never fails. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Ok, update here. After some research, realized that my warranty ran out this past July for this particular mouse. So what I have surmised is that this particular item was designed to work only long enough to get past the warranty date then fail.

It seems to be the pressure pad under the left mouse button. I found more comments online showing this to be a problem with this particular mouse. I do not think I got the one with the mechanical key switch (I think that is what it called), but this one was manufactured with the good old membrane which is designed to failed after so long. Manufacturers like these better because it means customers have to come back for a new mouse.

…sigh… Off to pick up my new mouse here in a bit. So I’ll be back in-game later today. Current temp mouse is not a gaming mouse, but is good enough for web browsing and texting. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In summary I think it’s fair to say that peripheral paraplegia is perplexingly problematic and it follows that procuring a new peripheral is the preferred and practical problem-solving procedure.

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In summary I think it’s fair to say that peripheral paraplegia is perplexingly problematic and it follows that procuring a new peripheral is the preferred and practical problem-solving procedure.

I agree :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

did you try the helicopter repair method? grab the cord and twirl it over head until either : everything falls back into place , you misjudge your spatial postion and crack it on the nearest wall. you’ll either hear a “click” or a loud smashing crash. :slight_smile:

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:grin: That’s like hitting your car engine with a wrench to get it started again. :joy: :rofl:

I’d take it all to pieces and clean everything with isopropyl alcohol and numerous cotton buds scrubbing thoroughly in every crevice. Then you glue it all back together and see if it now works , nothing ventured as they say then throw it in the bucket :rofl:

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Actually, there is an electronics bucket at our local recycling center where folks drop off unwanted or unusable items that are donated to some groups who will take them apart and recycle all useable parts for use in other things. I dropped off a few keyboards and older electronics there a couple of years ago.

Now I have 3 unusable mice I can add to that collection, which includes this one that failed on me. Someone will be able to fix it and reuse it. Lots of that stuff (once they are fixed) is donated to people in need who can’t afford to purchase them. All for a good cause. I’m a big fan of recycling whenever possible.