How active is OTG in GW2?

I was thinking of playing GW2 again and was wondering how active the guild is. I usually play mostly solo but its still nice to have people to talk to and at times play with.

I am on at strange hours, but during the evenings there’s always a few people online

As Thestache said, you see a few. I almost always see someone when in WvW, and in Lion’s Arch, but without a doubt we are not the most active guild in GW2…

Anywhere from 5-20 people on most times. It’s a real mix of new, returning, and crusty old players, so everyone’s kind of scattered around doing their own thing most of the time.


I tend to play in spurts just due to real life constraints. I try and say “hi” and everything when I am on though.

Yea, we’re not crusty. We bathe regularly.

Speak for yourself!