How active is Diablo III for OTG?

Hi everyone

I am looking to see how active D3 is. I play it with my boys, and I am looking for others to play with on occasion. I do SEASONS, and I wish to get the last conquest which requires coordinating with others. In-game I am Doc#13448. If I am not on D3, I am in ESO.


Hey Colwyn,

Most of us have not played much or at all recently but there are some peeps that still play. This tag list is a list of them.

Good luck and have fun,

Oh, I haven’t played D3 since errr season 5 or season 6. Sorry

Is there a Diablo 3 OTG guild?

if your still looking to get into OTG D3
let me know

Yes, I wanted to come in along with the kiddos. I am with a D3 Guild, should run with guildies long-term. When new seasons start, are you guys running?

I go by Doc#13448

how old or the kiddos

voo#1577 is mine add me i have sent you a friends request

I play and help many players add me or message me. I enjoy helping others when I am in a position to do so. Have been very active in the game lately.
D3 user Hawkers#1938 add me to friends list.