A Hotwash is a review of actions taken and lessons learned taken immediately after the action, and while those actions are fresh in everyone’s mind. I suspect I do not know alot about this game therefore I solicit your opinions and thoughts on what you did and what you failed to do and any reasons why.
For example:

  1. I did not do a good job of figuring out my direction early in the game. Specifically I did not group with guildies all that much and as such I lost out on learning the dynamics of team play unique to this game. Upon reflection, that was a mistake and one I will make sure not to repeat at Launch.
  2. I did do a fairly good job of experimenting with various weapon and armor combinations and as a result I have a good idea of what kind of toon I am going to create and pursue at launch. Sniper in pvp fascinates me for those who are curious. However, that is subject to the whims of the dev gods.
  3. I found that I am a poor healer, and I do not have an affinity for any of the mana based combat skills–powerful as they are or can be. That is only my opinion based upon my style of play, meaning I did not find anything intrinsically wrong with those skills; just not my style.
  4. NW is very feudal in it’s concept. By that I mean there are definite roles to be played and the choice between jack of all trades and specialist is going to be something we will all have to make a decision on and deal with, within our guild structure. I suspect the issue will be one of time.
  5. I still am not sure which craft skills are minimally required and which require a time sink to attain Master level–and why. I suspect we will all have to have mining, logging, cooking–but after that I am lost.

No doubt we will all be consuming endless vidios but I would rather hear the thoughts of those I intend to support and play with in game.

Your thoughts? What did you learn and can share?


I thought they called that an after action report or is that just in the movies…lol

It is sort of an AAR; AAR is a much more formal and usually written form of report–Hotwash is more of a “meet over by the tree stump and tell me what you think you did right or wrong.” Or I could just be showing my age.

or it could be an American thing this lowly Canadian doesn’t know…LOL