Horde & Alliance will be able to join the same guild


Robin from MMORPG: Cross-Faction guilds seemed to be indicated as coming in Patch 10.1. Is that real?

Morgan: That is real! That will be on the PTR. The PTR is coming later this week I believe and that will be available Day 1 on the PTR. We are quite excited about that and that’s just aligned with some of the philosophies that we’ve been discussing about cross-faction.

We opened up cross-faction parties, my raid group is a cross-faction raid group and you know that conversation of “gosh, it would be neat to have people in my guild” and we are trying to be really considerate with those changes and you know, watching where we step as we make changes there, because we recognize the impact that that has on, not just our community, but the game itself.

Factions, Alliance and Horde, are a huge part of World of Warcraft, even if I can play with people on the other faction, the tremendous weight that they have even in the story, or especially in the story is something that will never go away in World of Warcraft.

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bill murray