Holiday Stream - Monday 12/23 @ 6pm PST / 9pm EST

Right on the heels of the gameplay stream with CohhCarnage, VR will be back with gameplay, developers, and Q&A during a special stream on Monday, December 23rd at 6:00pm Pacific / 9:00pm Eastern.

Here’s a link to their announcement thread on the Pantheon forum:

Here’s the link to VR’s Twitch channel for the actual stream:

Woo hoo!


Looking forward to it!

9 hours and 15 minutes to go. Woooo hooooo!


They just dropped the news on the producers letter
I am very excited

Thanks for highlighting that, @Cali.

Last night’s stream was pretty good. Nothing earth-shattering, but we got to see more combat in the same zone they’ve been in for the other streams. It looks pretty. :slight_smile:

The VOD is up now (Twitch link: If you watch, be sure to keep the chat tab open. Apparently, Joppa was typing answers to questions for the Q&A there. They did answer and discuss some questions in voice chat, but I think I missed a good amount by having the gameplay full-screen.

Don’t make the same mistakes that I did, children.

You can also find a list of the questions under Gen Pantheon under this
Joppa answers in Twitch chat: Dec 23 stream.

The thing that stuck out to me was near the end when they tried to speedup. Things fell apart for them and they died a lot. I think this showed that speed is not the way to go.

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy Pantheon next year!

Thanks, @Cali.

I like your idea. I’m looking forward to a Happantheon New Year! :slight_smile: