Hiya Folks Thank you for the add

Thank You for the add. When Cat Contgrated herself last night right before I was looking for my readers that were on my FACE, I think I found the right spot lol. I began EQ1 as a monk Kanga Wu 1999 through 2005 when switching to EQ2 Kanga became a Bruiser until I quit in 2012. I used to 2box a Inquis but I doubt Ill do that again lol. I was in a top teir raiding guild most of my EQ2 time and reached one of the top rated Bruisers in the world. I had to start hero. Too much work to start back at the bottom. I use heavy macros to maximize my DPS and or guarding if needed. I have been back almost a month and its been heaven. I doubt I will be able to achieve a shadow of the old Kanga Wu but the fact is I’m old now and much slower. I have an Alt Gurdian I have been messing with but its just not as interesting as the Bruiser. On a personal lvl I am a crusty retired US Marine with lots of time on his hands. I live in a frozen place so I have plenty of time to play and attempt to recoup all I have lost in the game. I am open and willing to help with anything anytime just shoot me a tell. I have toons with Master Tailor, Weaponsmith, Potions, Jeweler, tink, adorn


Welcome and glad to have you here, K!

Welcome, Kanga!

Please complete the application process, and then we’d love to have you in the OTG guild on Halls of Fate.