Hi I'm New here! Its nice to meet you all!

Hello OTG,
My name is Rob people call me Gonz or Adaa in game.

I’m a 39yr young father of 3 2gx1b and a husband to one non gaming wife unit.

Im a NOC Operator by day and everything else by night kinda guy.

Have recently started playing Star Citizen, and have been deep in to wow, PubG, and forza Horizons for some time now.

I’m also a Jeeper & car guy , I daily a 2014 Mini Cooper Countryman S all4 and for a toy i own a lifted & Locked 98 Jeep 5.9l limited edition Grand Cherokee ZJ

I run a 2021 Alienware M17R4 with the rtx 3070 inside

and umm yea, happy to be here, thanks for letting me hang out and get to know yall!


Welcome to the gang!!! :grin:

welcome to the family dude!!!

Welcome aboard!

Sup strimmer

Hi and welcome!

Nice setup, and nice jeep!

There are a few OTGers who are into jeeps & similar, but I haven’t noticed any threads on the topic in quite some time. Used to be a guy who would regularly post pics of his weekend adventures off-roading with a club, iirc. I’ll try to think of his username, though I think that was our previous forums.


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Welcome!! :grin:

Welcome to the guild, Rob. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have over the years.

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Hi there Rob ;

Welcome to the guild. It’ll most likely be the last one you apply to. haha …

The picture of your jeep almost looks like it’s from some “dying light” zombish video game. ie: there’s HDR, back ground is faded, some bloom, mirror reflections, sand/glass/rubber/metal textures. I am still amazed how graphics have become so photorealistic.

Love your setup. I bet it really adds to the experience playing SC.

Cheers and welcome aboard - Tom

Howdy! Pull up a chair and defend the lawn!

Well fuck, nice necro Cef haha.

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welcome to the guild dude ^^^this is why we can’t take Cefwyn outside during the daytime hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Um…did you bring cookies for us all? If not, start baking :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to OTG, Cef!

Cef got lose, again? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

:rofl: :rofl:

Necros are good in my book, regardless of the content. I, on the other hand, almost responded when I noticed I already did. Lol