Hey There

Just thought I’d pop in and introduce myself; hopefully everyone’s night is going well.

My character’s name is Vibe Check; I started playing XIV around a year and a half or so ago, and just made a character on Excalibur to relive the story all over again. Definitely looking forward to taking my time and getting through the story at my own pace, rather than rushing to catch up with friends. Playing through it the first time, I realized that I had probably (most definitely) overlooked a lot :grimacing: .

It’s nice to meet you all!


Remember to respond to the PM you received from the Membership officer ASAP. :wink:

Looking forward to meeting you in-game! My main on Excalibur is Saunzi Sweetling.

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Nice to meet you! No worries, the second I saw that notification I popped in, lol

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Welcome back to FF!