Hey there, A fellow player has found you

Hello, my name is LazySwayze, I currently only play the Final Fantasy XIV section of this community. With finding the Virtual Table Top games section I’ve always been into getting in some games, learning new systems, and most of all having fun. That is why I would love to go ahead and Join in and find some game sessions to join. I am fairly confident that I can play or pick up enough knowledge to make a good attempt to play.

As of currently, I have played a Campaign of Numenara( 4 months Homebrew) DnD 5e funnel. While I have not actually played a full game/ Campaign of DnD 5e( Not for lack of trying, Lack of folks around me and the Roll20 Community has not been that kind over time.)

With me having Shown Interest I would like to go ahead and know what it is that I need to do now. Thank you for the opportunity to play a game(s) that to me is just anytime I play it the best time I’ll have all week.

From what I can see on Discord, things are fairly active with a few games running every week. People generally announce in this forum if they want to start a new campaign and are looking for victims.

Welcome. If you haven’t checked out Fantasy Grounds website, you should feel free to do so. fantasygrounds.com

There is a new version coming out tentatively scheduled for December. This complicates the decision to purchase a license right now if you want to do so. (Because most people will start using the new version, called Fantasy Grounds Unity, when it releases and buying the current version doesn’t get you FGU.) (My most recent conversation with a friend ended with me telling him to spend the rest of the year playing in other people’s games so he doesn’t buy a license until FGU arrives.)

If you are only going to play (and not DM) you can play in games where the DM has an ultimate license without buying a license yourself. (Ultimate license permits the DM to have players that do not own a license.) This limits you to only games with a DM that has an ultimate license. If you buy the standard license you can play in any game regardless of what license the DM has.

If you buy the standard license you can be a DM and run a game with players that also own a license. (Either ultimate or standard will do for those players.) If you want to be able to run a game as DM and have players that do not own a license you must buy the ultimate license.

FInally, you can subscribe instead of buying if you like. I discourage folks from doing so because by the time you wrap up your first campaign paying a subscription you probably could have bought the license. The amount you pay to subscribe does nothing to reduce the cost of buying a license. So, I always recommend that folks go ahead and subscribe if you want to test things out, but consider buying the license if you like it. (This testing is obviously in addition to what you can do with the demo.) Check the FG store page for prices for those licenses and the subscriptions for each license type. (Besides the licenses you will see rulesets and adventures for sale in the store… you basically only need worry about those if you are going to run a game as DM.)

You can keep an eye out here for when someone posts they are starting a new game and needs players, but you should definitely use the FG website for finding games.

I’m currently playing Savage Worlds with a group from the FG website. If I recall correctly, the FG community plays D&D5e, Pathfinder, and Savage Worlds as the top three systems in that order… with 5E leading by a wide margin. People play all sorts of other systems.

Welcome to the show!

Hey Ixax, Thanks for all the helpful information, I went ahead and got myself a Demo License of FG today. I can’t want to get into a game!

Be sure to check out the FG Convention I mention here.

Thank you Ixax thank you so much for this post its really awesome. I can’t wait for when the Player Sign ups come up.