Hey Prof, what have you been up to?

Hey, been a few months since I would consider myself ACTIVE. Had a health scare last year (Prostate Cancer, get yourself checked, no really), and having done what I can for now am back into gaming when I can. Been clowning about in 3.16, and getting ready for 3.17.

If you see me in game feel free to reach out to me.

Have made a cool couple million with just some lazy quantanium mining. Tried being a space trucker for a while, but the credits are very slow to come. Also looking to trim down the fleet a little more. A little bummed that salvage got bumped to 3.18 but rather have them working on SQ42 release I guess.

Hope all are doing well and look forward to grousing at you all in game and in forums. :wink:

Also if you have any questions about Prostate Cancer, I have become somewhat of a hands-on neophyte. Get yourself checked.

Glad to hear it was a scare that you overcame.
Due to some pre-existing health issues I get checked 4 times a year, so I am way ahead of you there :wink:

I am not what you would call active lately myself. Mostly work and such.
But I get in at least once or twice a week to goof off and fly around. Have not done any serious money grinding sine…ever

I will look out for you in game though, see if we can connect sometime soon

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Welcome back!

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That’s terrifying Prof, I’m glad you’re past it. I’m checked monthly…not that I need it, it’s just free on my healthcare so why not get it?

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