Hey, not sure where to post this

Hi! I’m Tycel2004 from the old forums, just wanted to know who I need to talk to about permissions, etc.


Sommers here. Add me please.

I’m replying to myself because I’m trying to find ESO, but don’t know where to go. :confused:

ESO is still on the old forums: https://forum.oldtimersguild.com/forum/featured-games/elder-scrolls-online-aa

helloooo Nobodycares here existing member need member access if anyone cares :slight_smile:

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OK, you have to set up your account, using your old forum name or change the old forum name

So please be aware: I am making a name change request from Nobodycares to kiersersoze.

Once that name has been changed over on the old forum, we can get you approved here.

Ok perfect I haven’t had time to log on lately but will try to do so tonight

OK sounds good. Don’t forget we need to have a PM from you on the old forum or get in Mumble and chat with us to get you approved.

Thanks, and good you found us. :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for a PM on the old forum or for you to get in Mumble. Either way will work.


Kiesersoze you are approved. Thanks for following up as requested. :slight_smile: Enjoy!

Latheal here. Just moved over from the old Forums after I saw the personal message from Lorentel

Thank you!

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