Hey all! Brand new hopeful looking to join the fray!

Hey, all I am Lazy Swayze In-game I am on Excalibur like I assume some of you are. Glad to finally meet folks whom I hope will be my new friends and family going forward. ( even still we can all be friends no matter what.)

Hope everyone is well, happy, and of sound mind( Well of the mind that they are happy with it).
This is me:

If you ever need a Tank to do Roulettes or old content that has a vague idea what buttons to press and when I’m your man! If you need a MCH that jumps around to much and laughs at nothing much I’m your man!

If you need a friend that listens and is gullible I’m your Gullible friend!

No, but seriously folks I am happy to meet you all and happy to have the opportunity to join this community. I hope to make life long friends and have plenty of happy memories in this community going forward using this post as a stepping point I hope to make those memories with all of you! See you all in-game!

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The OTG (main) guild is on Excalibur, so yes, that’s where almost all of us are :slight_smile:

Generally quite a few people online, and if you need help, just yell!

Now you just need to go through all the red tape and paperwork.

Hey there Splutty, thanks for the tip! I will wait til the cows come home if i need to i suppose.

Hope to see you in game soon!

Welcome, hope to see you soon!