Heroic Darkshore is up! Come get 460 Reward! Tonight 3/30 @ 8pm Server/CST (9pm est)

In typical Misfits of Mayhem fashion, when the Warfront is active, we will do it prior to continuing in the Raid.

This will reward you with a 460 item. Any Spec or Class is welcome, but…

You must be 120, normal warfront had a 335 ilv requirement, & have completed the intro quest line for the Darkshore Warfront or you will not be able to que.

In Boralus see Dori’thur, the Owl for the Starter Quest “On Whispered Winds”

Once the scenario has started, we will not be able to invite you…be on early enough 7:45 Server/CST (8:45 EST)

Hope to see you there


I shall be there with bells on…err, well they will be imaginary, but you get the picture… :bell: :bell: :bell: :bell: