Heroic bonus objectives

I’m doing Heroics on Odessen for crates and find that sometimes there’s a bonus objective (kill so many mobs) and sometimes there isn’t. Am I doing something wrong when I don’t get the bonus objectives or are the bonus objectives only weekly or something like that?

Sometimes when I do a particular heroic, when I kill mobs I get a bonus objective. Sometimes in the same heroic on a different day, when I kill mobs I don’t get a bonus objective. I’m guessing those are either once/week or they only appear on a specific day of the week. Does anyone know?

Hi @ribbit!

I found that bonus objectives are weekly. It’s in the ~3rd post down.


Hi @Mid !!

Thanks for that. Checking the SWTOR forums was next on my list. You beat me to it. You rock.

I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you are. You must have heard me.

I have no idea why my standard “look it up myself” behavior didn’t transfer over from WoW to SWTOR, but I remember now and will focus on that. Thanks for helping me remember.

Hi @ribbit. I think being in the habit of looking something up can hiccup sometimes. At least, that is what I think happens to me.

Asking questions in the forums is a way of building community and making connections with your guild mates, so I say, ‘ask away!’ :grin:

Glad to ‘see’ you, my friend.

~ Mid

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Yeah, that’s probably why I was doing it, but this chapter doesn’t really seem available for that (which is a valid way to be), so I’m adjusting my behavior. :slight_smile:

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yeah it is a pretty quiet chapter. The game is so old most people don’t really bother with all the little extras.

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I’ve been puzzling over this statement for days and have no idea how to make sense of it.

  1. What are “all the little extras”? I’ve never thought of mmo’s as having extras, unless you’re talking about endgame. I might call endgame “extras”.
  2. What does a game’s age have to do with it? WoW is an older game and we probably can’t say the same thing about our WoW chapters.
  3. When you say “most people” are you referring to the ones in our chapters or SWTOR players in general?

Perhaps you mean that we have small chapters and most people in them play level 75 toons that have been level 75 since shortly after the level cap was raised to 75. Or perhaps you mean that our chapters are full of people who’ve been playing SWTOR for so long that they’re so bored with the game that they only engage with it in extremely selective ways. Or perhaps you mean that the game doesn’t get new content often enough and most people have gotten bored and left, with the remaining people only engaging with the game in very selective ways. I don’t know. I don’t even know if any of those are true. I’m just struggling to understand what you were trying to get across to me.

Sorry. Not trying to be troublesome, just trying to understand.


As will all MMO games there are a lot of things that are put into the game to keep the interests of the masses. SWTOR has an achievement system that is very difficult to get all achievements. This is an example of what I was referring to. In general most that come back to the game are enjoying the story content as there is a ton of it. There are 8 basic story lines, one for each character you can create.

Keep in mind it is impossible for me to know what you like. The only way for you to enjoy a game is for you to discover what it is about a game you like. All we can do as a guild is try and help you figure out what it is you want. We have members that do not patriciate with the guild and that is ok. We have those that want to do HM content and go find a group that can give them that. We try and provide you every opportunity to get the most out of these games.

This game has a small but devoted community. if you need help with anything just ask. If you need to chat with me you can send me a PM in discord.

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Thanks for the explanation.

I don’t expect you to know what I like. I’m not having trouble finding or doing what I like in SWTOR.

Everything’s fine. Thanks.