Here you go Trevain

Yea…finally we can customize our lock pets.

Luckily for you, Warlock pet customizations are automatically unlocked when you log in to your character . This means, there are no lengthy quest chains or anything similar you need to complete before you can start pimping your Imps.

Book in Legion Kara was easiest for Fel Puppy, currently farming Cathedral for Fel Succubus

BTW did Bliz balance our power to those areas we need to enter for some of these things? Or will it be like doing older dungeons/raids on an over geared/powered character?



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while some are easy to farm, for example the red fel puppy you need the transmog of the fel hound staff dropped by Illidan in the Black Temple…that is a long raid to farm the last boss, & when you finally get it, going back into the Antorus Raid to use it on a deactivated portal on the Spider Boss.

Took me 7 Cathedral Dungeon Resets to get the Succubus Orb to drop from the Hellblazer Temptress. The key is to only kill the 7 before the 1st boss. If it doesn’t drop, jump off the ledge to die. This spawns you at the entrance and you can quickly reset and try again.

Thanks for this information, I was trying to research it yesterday but got sidetracked with rl stuff and forgot to finish. I gather we just go and walk into these locations rather than using a group, considering only a warlock had obtain those things. Would have been nice if a couple of locks could team up and both get those items, and help one another out at the same time.

So the Black Temple Raid is what I need to farm the last boss for the staff? Then I have to exit and go back in for the Spider Boss?

As for the Cathedral Dungeon Raid for the Succubus Orb, does that mean I only do the first boss adds before drops?

I’ll have to get on my lock this weekend sometime to see what I can obtain. I already have the grimoire for my Voidie…can’t remember when I got that but apparently I got it way before Dragonflight xpac dropped and Bliz is having us go get those for some of the other pets. There is a merchant in Dal that actually sells those things…I’ll go check to see if he has the others. If so that would save time and effort, and if successful, I’ll post it here for other warlocks so that they can at least obtain those easily enough.

you get the staff in Black Temple, you have to use it in the Legion Raid Antorus

Don’t kill the 1st boss in Cathedral, farm the 7 adds up to it, then leave and reset the dungeon. If you kill it, you will be locked out for the remainder of the day.

Ok, thanks, appreciate the info