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Links to make your City of Heroes: Homecoming experience more betterer

From Discord, contributed by elf_boy: Tools, Utilities & Downloads - Homecoming


The Homecoming forums are the very best and most awesome resource for help and information with City of Heroes: Homecoming.

A very nice and useful topic on the HC Forums is the “Tools, Utilities, and Downloads” section.

I can not recommend strongly enough to go there. The ‘Vidiots Maps’ which can be added as a stand alone manually or by using the ‘City Mod Installer’ is the single most useful add-on the the game (IMHO). The City Mod Installer has a number of nifty and useful mods ready to install with the push of a button. Some will silence some really annoying powers, add/improve the power icons in game and all sorts of fun ways to change/improve the game client.

After perusing the City Mod Installer the very next stop I will recommend is ‘Mid’s Reborn Hero Designer.’ Yes the same one that was available back on live only new and improves. For example you can now download your characters build from the COH Homecoming and then open it in Mids.

Any questions? Post on the HC forums and some really knowledgeable and friendly folks will help you out. It still is the very best MMO community I have ever encountered.