Helpful build site...all classes

Found this yesterday on Reddit, the guy put a lot of work into it and it’s level by level for all classes. If the first link doesn’t work, scroll down and one of the next ones will,

I am using his Sorc guide, working really well

(1) Written 1-50 Leveling Builds to stick on your 2nd monitor while you spam G : lostarkgame (

I’ve been using this one . They have more than just the build guides. They cover Raids, Resources, Islands. I think they just dropped a world map as well.

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Also, further down in the LA section there’s a post on this (there are more links)

I am finding the site good for hints on choosing skill progressions while leveling. I don’t always agree with their choices since I think they assume more grouping than I do (like none so far), which leads to grabbing an early rank 10 skill at character level 20 or so.

I am using the Maxroll site’s recommendation for leveling a Sorceress. Seems like good insights and guide. Shows you the recommended skill points at several “breakpoints” in progression. It does get you to a level 10 as fast as possible (Punishing Strike) so that you have a good boss killer. But it also has you moving points around several skills as you go up in levels. I am soloing right now as well and find that the build recommendations allow me to do solo dungeons on Hard. I don’t do many that way since it slows down leveling progression due to a bit longer dungeon run. I just look at the gear differences between Normal and Hard and see if there is a piece that stands out as way better than what I am equipping. Sorceress is very good at leveling due to several strong AOE spells, we will see how she does in endgame. I also use Mokoko Seed - Lost Ark Codex for a lot of very useful “what is that and where is it” information.