Help with purchase

I’m going to purchase the starter edition. If my account information mention the Americas, does it mean that I have to key in the cd keys from NA version to activate or any other version cd keys is acceptable?

It’s confusing because there are people here in Singapore who registered in EU account. But listed Singapore to be in NA…

I can’t get any direct link to ask square enix help desk to verify this. They require a US address verification just to be able to send them inquiry email…very helpful indeed…

Sorry for being pedantic just need to be sure… can’t wait to have my account activated…

The region that the MOGStation/SquareEnix account registration tells you you’re in (which is what you originally registered as, and there are plenty of countries where you can register both an NA or EU account) is the one you need to buy the key for.

And I’ve never had to verify my actual address for anything. They at one point did ask me for a copy of my passport so they could ‘help’ me with creditcard issues, but since that’s illegal in my country, they managed to ‘help’ me just fine without it (which meant, not being able to help at all, since they didn’t know why their payment provider would not accept my credit card :slight_smile:

Very convoluted system indeed. I had to registered my billing address as an Argentinian…and then once the payment got through they casually mentioned my “detected” country which is Malaysia and requested my phone number so they can send confirmation code over the phone…how convenient, they actually knows from where I am making the payment.

Me think there is a tax related issue involved. I have to declare in writing from my end that I am not from certain location not listed in their system. They can only acknowledge my real location AFTER they got my money. Oh well…hopefully with this experience I could advise others from my region on how to proceed. If only they could make it less of an adventure to get the pay through we’ll have a mass exodus into FFXIV.

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