Help with organising missions

So I’ve jumped back into the game with Invictus week and it’s pretty good. But I started with three delivery missions and it was a real pain to organise them, because in the missions manager, they don’t tell you on the info screen how far away the mission/delivery point is for each one, so you have to go out of the mission select screen, into the Star map , zoom and scroll madly around until you find the point (for me, too, if I zoom in ‘too far’, everything just disappears), select it to see the relative location to where you are now and distance away, then go back into the mission select screen and choose another one, repeat the process to see if it’t closer, etc.

I must be doing something wrong because this is cack-handed and laborious. Any tips?

Before you take the mission you can see where it sends you in the description.
Once you are familiar with the locations it is easier to tell which is far and which is close.

But other than that, yeah it is a piss poor system for anyone trying to do more than one mission at a time.
I am sure it is not the final form for missions, but who knows when we will see an update to it. Maybe in 3.10 with the UI update, maybe in some other patch after SQ42 goes beta at the end of the year (which I fully expect to go over into next summer)

Haha, thanks Sim. I have no idea of which location is where, so that’s why it’s confusing. And it might say something like ‘pick up from New Babbage’, but I didn’t know that NB is in Microtech, for example.

I had fun doing a mission to find the where-abouts of someone lost in a cave. Made a good amount of credits selling the stuff I mined up and picked up while looking for the body, in addition to the 4k aUEC reward.

Delivery missions. A18 pick up missions usually go to loreville and associated moons and stations. Loreville mission generally are either local or to Crusader and associated moons and stations. Crusader is usually all local. I try to start at A18, run 6 delivery missions at 6k each. Takes about 90 minutes from start to finish. Getting pick ups at the same place and drop offs at the same place speed things up considerably. I never pick up or drop off at any arcorp Area 18. Taking the subway makes everything LONGER!!! Hope this helps.