Hello, long time no see

I have a simple question. I just restarted the new Guild Wars 2, I am sick because I bought the previous game and DLCs, but what I want to know is does OTG still have a chapter in GW2 the new version, and if it does, how do I join it? Thank you.

Sorry to hear that you’ve bought the game twice. I usually do that with books sometimes. You can find the information to join in the GW2 Chapter Information subforum, or click on the pinned post telling you how to join in the general discussion forum.

Look up the post titled How to join us in Guild Wars 2

Also, if you still have access to your other account, you don’t HAVE to play through Steam. Everyone still ends up on the same servers playing the same game.

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Here is the link for posting your account information for a guild invitation.