Hello everyone!

New member of the family here ! Woohoo ! Thank you for accepting me :slight_smile:
I felt like writing a quick “about me” topic.

I’m 35 years old , a french Canadian from Quebec and a stay at home dad. Both my kids are in school now so I take care of the house and…yup, you guessed it, I play video games when I have free time :smile: . I also draw a lot and play guitar so I’m not lacking hobbies lol. Good thing my girlfriend is very nice :blush:

Looking forward to meeting and playing video games with you guys !

Hello, nice to meet you! Welcome to the family.

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the guild, and thank you for posting a little intro. It’s always fun to “meet” new members. I hope you find a good gaming home here.


Welcome to the guild, enjoy yourself…