Hellgate London

Steam has it for sale and it’s on sale. Yes, I bought it but it’s single player only. Sigh! Played a bit last night and have to say that it’s good to have dipped my toe in there.

It’s like the original so far. Graphics could be a bit better but I’ve seen some posts on how to improve that so will be giving that a try.

I had the collectors edition back when it first came out, hell if I know where the CDs are, too lazy to look, bought it on steam just because… it was a great game back then but the lag was too much when in hubs.

I didn’t hit that but then I was in quite a bit later. Thanks for the heads up.

I still have my collectors edition in my library. I really miss that game and Tabula Rasa. I tried out Hellgate Tokyo, before it was on steam, my framerates literally stood still when I entered the early outdoor area.

Just found out that STALKER 2 is in the works which is Faaaaabulous! lol I’ve been wishing for that and a Hellgate London 2.

It was down in one of the stations I met a OTG member recruiting. Really great folks I had so much fun playing with a steady group of people.

Have you read any of the 3 novels? Man those novels really hammer home how devastating and bleak the demonic invasion was. How survivors, fighters, knights and paladins lived day to day down in the dark transit tubes. The books also explained how the order would bless and inscribe protections into the bricks and stone work of the subway tunnels. To help “hide” and shelter from the invasion forces. Like a “sanctuary” spell.

didn’t know there were novels… I also miss Tabula Rasa, it got a bad rep, I really liked it, wish it had private server capability like some games have now. I also loved the STALKER series and am waiting for the next iteration of that game, sometimes it scared me so much I almost pooped myself… :stuck_out_tongue:

About Stalker CoP I remember how confused I was when I entered the first laboratory facility. The boxes rose up from the ground and then started to fly at me. I thought maybe it was some … glitch with the game. Maybe some video card driver code gone wacko. The next I was introduced to those errr … hunchback guys with the physic powers.

I can also clearly hear the screech screech screech metal on metal from one of the red revolving lights. The tunnel system out back of another facility. The second or third zone you travel to. Down in this short tunnel leads to a group, few guys, of bandits, abunch of Russian military and one of those blood sucker guys that can camoflauge.

The thunder, lightning, the barking of the dog packs.

Tabula Rasa…was looking through some of my old photos and found a few for Tabula Rasa! A great game with a bad rep that got it closed down. But what a final day! Yeah, I was there for that along with a few of us who stayed to the bitter end. Of course, finding another game similar to that would be a dream. Got my Hellgate London Collectors Edition packed away somewhere. One of the ones that I decided I was keeping. Yeah, that and Tabula Rasa. Go figure :slight_smile:

I still remember being in one of the later game human bases early in the morning. I went to vendor and the base became under attack. I remember being overrun and dieing with one other person in a corner of the base once the shields fell. It was just a video game but that feeling of no hope no way to escape and the end is here stuck with me through the years.

Firefall had a similar mechanic, lots of fun times with both games. I really like the invasions. Defiance also has a similar mechanic. Ember is Firefall’s ‘successor’ if you will, but it is still in progress. Defiance you can still play. It is a pretty good game.

Oh yeah Firefall. I remember seeing the trailer for the first time. I followed that game and watched other people youtube gameplay footage. Last I remember I was waiting on the results of patch. I think the community died afterwards. Played Defiance from release and had many many hours in. I did as much as I could to rack up points when they were planning to revise the game to the current state. Never did return to Defiance though.

The game that brought me to OTG.
I know where my collectors edition is even!
(hint: in the same box with Spore)

While a shame what EA did to it, it was fun while it lasted.
Some of the team play in HellG was silly fun, if a bit messy.
One of the earlier Co-Op FPS, and a blast with others.

If i can get my footboard working and some practice playing
games again before Darktide comes out, it might scratch a
similar itch to what HellG did. Is there any plans for
OTG groups in that when it comes out?


We must had played together in HGL then Poetry. I think my, one at least, characters name might have been Austere. I tried a couple of the classes but went with the Engineer for the side kick pet. I’ll have to check out the trailer you linked.

ps: if you told me that was a HGL fan made video I’d believe it. Whatever dark tide is sign me up for it!

I will be getting Darktide. I play Vermintide 2 from time to time, really good game iMO.

btw steam = OTGtpsabre

if you don’t mind letting me know if you do send a friend invite I’d appreciate it. incase your name is different between here (otg) and there (steam). Thanks for mentioning Darktide … I had no idea about it.

sent you an invite, and this is my friend code 10245748 if anyone wants to use it. :slight_smile: