Hell Let Loose?

Anyone else looking at Hell Let Loose ? A WW2 Shooter.

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I saw a battle for Foy game play and the game looks very impressive. I’ve not really decided if I’d pursue the game, but I wouldn’t mind having it on the back burner. https://youtu.be/FbJ29rLdp14

I hadn’t heard of it. But just watched some gameplay. It looks really good.

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Its fun as hell Lots of dieing tho LOL. Im
SplattMcnasty in game if ya wanna add me to friends

The new updates look good. I might be DL soon.

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I bought HLL 2 weeks ago…granted i just had a baby
…so limited playing time…but the few hours i put into it so far…im loving. Yes…you die a freggin lol…this isnt CoD or BF…its all about being smart…moving slower…working with your team…right up to commander level. Great effects and definitley the most immersive FPS ive ever played in 30 years of gaming once you learn shit. Headset is kind of required if you want the best of your experience. Definitely recommend to buy it if you ever dreamed of a proper tacticsl ww2 game. Im MiroTheSlav online on PC. Feel free to add me as a friend in case )