Heirlooms to upgrade to 120

Most of my heirlooms were upgraded to 110. I have a new Kul Tiran druid, and I asked, which heirlooms should I take to 120? Armor upgrades were 5K gold, and weapon 7.5K gold to 120.

Weapon- yes. Even though you are given a 180 weapon, you see few until the end game at 120, so that upgrade is worth it. More DPS is a faster trip up.

Head, Shoulders, Chest- no. You will get 280 pieces here fairly quickly. One from the initial heart quest, and another from 100 war resources turn in. I would only do 2 at a minimum, and your chest gives the most and is likely your best choice to take your first pick on.

Cloak, Legs, Rings, Trinkets- yes. It is nice grinding this stuff up in the scrapper. There are fewer options for rings and trinket choices, and this means more alts will experience them.

Neck- no, you get the heart neck piece right from the start.


Excellent info. Thanks @Snydelee!

If you get a gem socket in a piece of gear, there’s the Rubellite gem that provides an additional 5% xp for completing quests and killing monsters.

I am leveling a monk from 110 and upgraded all my appropriate pieces.

I tried with the 280 chest and the heirloom piece and either way seems fine. The 280 might kill slightly faster, but the heir gives bonuses to quest turn in which is a majority of the leveling.

Alternatively, you could use the azerite pieces to kill stuff and then on turn in switch to all heirlooms. Easy peasy if you make different gear set, under the character screen. Just saying. I would probably forget.

I have found in Brewmaster I kill just as quick in heirlooms then having a few azerite pieces. Your mileage may vary