Heartbroken over my Oliver .............Euthanasia

I’m in process of making arrangements to say good-bye to my 10 year old companion cat Oliver. :face_holding_back_tears: WOW I didn’t realize it would be this difficult. He played tag, hide-n-seek and is a great snuggler. :two_hearts:Now what?! :pleading_face: My house will be so lonely without Ollie to butt his nose into all my business. :exploding_head: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:

A burden shared is a burden lessened, right? well not yet :broken_heart:


Wish I could offer some advice but I can’t. I had to put my 15.5 year old dog to sleep back in March. I’m still missing him a lot. If you have any pictures of him, leave them out and accessible. That has helped me a bit when I really start to miss him on the bad days. I actually put a post up on here as well with some pictures of him so I could access them at work. Didn’t have many on my cell phone unfortunately.

Hug and pet him as much as you can to let him know how much he means to you until you take him for the procedure.



I’m really sorry to hear you’re going through that now. I had to do the same with my cat a few years ago, and the family dog in 2020. I agree with what Mith already said, keep photos near by.

My cat used to love to curl up in my lap for hours when I was at the computer playing games so I have her ashes near by so she’ll always be close. I can see the container right now as I’m typing this.

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So sorry for you to go through this. It never gets easier. I’ve had to do this more than I wish. But make sure you are with him til the end. Yes, it will be hard, but he needs you. Too many pet parents don’t stay with their furbabies. And that is very hard for the pet. They are scared, no matter how ready they are. And they need you to the end. I just did this 2 months ago with my oldest pup.

ETA: And I have the ashes for several of my pups. So that is an option to consider.


I’m sorry you are going through this. May the good memories bring some consolation.

My heart goes out to you. It is never easy saying good bye to our fur family. You will never stop missing him, but in honor of Oliver, after some time, think about adopting from a shelter and giving a new fur baby a chance at your love, knowing Oliver is waiting for you over the rainbow bridge and purring. Gentle paw hugs from me and my pack of fur family members.

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I also stay with my fur babies to the end and have their ashes. My will has my ashes and theirs to be mixed together so we will be with each other forever. Blessing to all pet owners who love their fur members, we are a special breed.

I said Goodbye to Oliver yesterday. I was time. We can all remember how painful situations can be, our minds remember. Yet to be in the midst of it again is excruciating down to a cellular level. Huge emotional hangover. Experience also says ‘this too shall pass’.
Thank you for your good thoughts.


Sending you a very soft hug as I know every part of you hurts. It will pass but never be gone for good, but that means you have loving memories of Oliver.

I sorry I know how painful it is to lose a beloved animal friend. But think about how lucky Oliver was to have you. You gave him the best life possible. He was happy and safe and well fed. You gave him love.

Happy New Year everyone.
Thank you so much for your sweet replies.
Loving you so much :heart: :100:

At almost 68, I have unfortunately watched many of my pets die naturally, by accident and have had to put some down. It is always hard to have to make the decision, but when required it is necessary.

Heartfelt condolences.