Healthy gaming

So, at the beginning of the year I knew I had to do something to get a workout again so I started playing with the EA Sports Active 2 workout on the Wii. I really love that workout. Has difficulty and variety. But the other thing I decided to incorporate in was playing Super Hot VR and Rush For Blood (VR) on my PS4. Super Hot REALLY makes me sweat while Rush For Blood is a great leg and ab workout (so is Super Hot honestly). So not only are they a blast to play but I’m burning calories and working my hiking muscles at the same time. :slight_smile:

However, I AM looking for a workout after I complete my 2 months of Active 2 so if anyone has any suggestions, I’d really like to hear them because otherwise I’ll probably go back to something I haven’t done in several years which as P90X

I have been working at being more healthful for the last few years. The 3 corners of good health are sleeping, eating and exercise.
Sleep has always been good, but I still have had some issues with eating healthy, like I had quit soda for a long while, then it kinda snuck back in. Now back off soda, I am today coming up on the end of a planned 2 months eating Keto, and I am down about 10lbs from that, so it seems to have worked well. I have also had success with the Whole30 plan previously.
Exercise I actually found that while machines, tools, and games are great for helping with exercise, the best thing is to just get a simply self powered exercise routine that you can stick with. Sticking with it is the key for exercise, since it really only takes a few days without any and you will lose progress and atrophy. I do a routine that includes stretching, pushups, side lifts, planking, situps, some leg work and more stretching. A good book with information on body weight exercises is by Dr. Ben Lerner, titled “Body by God” (not a religious book per se). I do have an exercise bicycle I use for cardio, and an incline bench with some adjustable dumbells. But those are done after the core routine.
It sounds like you are mostly describing cardio exercises, lots also find help from exercising with a group, maybe crossfit would be something you like?

Why not use an app that can give you customized workouts to do at home? There are a lot of routines you can do to get both strength and cardio without breaking the bank.

I need more structure than that.

I have a similar issue align with not knowing what to do on my own. I joined OrangeTheory a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. It’s expensive but, for me, completely with it.

Mentioned having VR? I got into Supernatural VR for fitness. Good gaming workouts with really decent music in all genres, and they have weekly updated routines. Routines vary from short to long duration and intensity. You can burn out 45 min of HIIT quality workout before you realize the time spent. Then walk away drenched and exhausted. lol

Very similar to Beat Sabre if you’ve played that, but also just added boxing modes. Differs from Beat Sabre instead of just hitting boxes at certain direction you emphasize full swing for power hits and different triangles coming at you to lunge and squat thru.

I don’t see a version for the PS4 VR setup. :frowning: