Gamer headsets… Pro v Con?

I don’t like wearing my full headset with the ears surrounded.

I’d like a single (or dual) earbud setup. A single will reduce the spouse aggro, at least that is my goal. Mainly discord use.

Thoughts? Options?

I don’t use earbuds as I use a full, over ear headset. I much prefer that since I have rash issues with anything placed inside my outer ear like the earbuds. Can’t use them for more than 10 minutes before my ear becomes irritated.

But, I understand your situation, so I did a google search and came up with a few webpages that you can check out:

  1. Best Gaming earbuds 2022
  2. Gaming Earbuds vs Headsets (scroll down to see their offering on earbuds)
  3. Soundguys best gaming earbuds

It will really depend upon your personal preference, but I think checking out these different sites will give you a good idea which might work best for you. I can’t recommend them since I do not use earbuds, although I had wished I could. However, you have a similar issue where the over ear cuff seems to irritate you whereas the inside the ear bud irritates my ears.

Good luck. I hope someone in the guild can jump in here with some good personal experience information for you. But I usually will read all the ‘reviews’ (especially the low score ones) to see what other people think.

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I recently, within the past month or so, bought 1more triple driver in ear headphones. These are a generation back, so the sale price was relatively cheap. (They were about $50 on sale.) (The current generation are four driver or quad drivers or something like that.) They are well reviewed generally, though I don’t know if they would show up as gamer quality.

I replaced an over the ear headset because the cushions were deteriorating and I figured I would try a new set of ear buds (because I needed a new wired set). I prefer wired for various things.

Anyway, I have been using them for discord and gaming on the computer with no complaints. I’m not a serious audiophile, so take that for what it is worth. Here is a review I recall reading on them.

Buyer beware and all that stuff. Good luck.

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I use an on-the ear set of headphones, as the over the ear headphones cause my ears to sweat…

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I’ve been using
Amazon.com: Turtle Beach Battle Buds In-Ear Gaming Headset for Mobile & PC with 3.5mm, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PlayStation, Switch – Lightweight, In-Line Controls - Black/Silver : Video Games
with 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter
Amazon.com: DUKABEL USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter, USB to Aux Cable with TRRS 4-Pole Mic-Supported USB to Headphone AUX Adapter Built-in Chip External Sound Card for PC PS4 PS5 and More [9.8 inch] : Electronics

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Appreciate the input . I viewed a few websites and they seemed to hold a general consensus that the, “1MORE” brand is a quality lower priced wireless earbud brand. I’ll find out. I receive them tomorrow so, time will tell.

The specific unit I purchased from good ole Amazon are the 1MORE ComfoBuds2 True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.2 in Ear Headphones, Customize EQ Sound, 4 ENC Mics, Quick Charge, 24H Play Time, Low Latency Gaming Mode, IPX5, Bluetooth Earphones, Black.

Thanks again for your time. Maybe this might help out others also looking for earbuds…

Always funny to see the differences. For me an in-ear earbud is absolutely not an option, due to sensitive/dry inner ear skin and messed up eardrums and equilibrium.

So I actually want an over-ear headphone, and in my case I can’t handle a headphone on my ears either, so I need one that’s full cup over my ears.

Have never found any more comfortable than my old HD650, which I recently replaced because it was… Just too broken after replacing the cups a couple of times and the wiring, etc, etc.

Hope you find your ‘happy buds’! (pun fully intended)

When I got hearing aids to help treat the ringing in my right ear, they showed me a headset that you wear around the neck, and they are great for people that could not wear headsets or earbuds but was out of my price range.

[Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker…
Amazon.com: Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker - Black : Electronics

prices and brands with more option out there since 2015 so I may have to revisit the options and look into them for myself

I just checked this unit out and as usual, I went directly to the review section. I’m not sure I would try this after reading the negative reviews. Too often they are buried but in Amazon’s case, all you have to do is click on the review stars. The chart that pops up provides the bars of reviews from 1-5, so I checked out the 1-3 reviews.

Seems the issues are similar no matter the pros, connectivity issues after a short while, no refund - just a credit to use on another product (which you may not want to do because I find a refusal to refund something of a red flag, since so many times I’ve tried a new product only to find it doesn’t live up to the expectations). Sound issues which was a surprise since Bose has always had great speakers.

But the one that stood out was that if you are in a group and want to keep your conversations or gaming noise silenced for your immediate area so as not to annoy others, this particular product just is not designed for that, especially at this price point. If you are alone in the room I would imagine this would be good, but could cause reverberation I think.

Bose was always a good bet, but as with many other great products, it appears their quality may not live up to the hype. At least not for something like this speaker setup. It certainly would not work for me since my son is in the living room on his work computer (he works remotely from home) and I have to be cognizant of noise.

As for use just as a speaker, more than likely its just right. But not for a gaming setup. I would use this unit for just speakers and not bother trying to use it as a “head set” replacement.

So I’ve used the ear buds a few days-week and my flipping ear hurts. Maybe it’s simply something take takes a bit to acclimate to a comfortable level though so far, these are a bit of a pain… I wear a single now, simply to speak. Seems it removed the “echo” that occurred when I would speak and another chimed in while my mic was still hot. They’ve shared it sounds clear… so, that’s a +.

I initially tried both though based on who spoke and their own volume, the variance was booming! Haha!

Little things learned. I may try that neck setting if this does not improve. I simply do not want muffs over my ears. It’s spouse insta aggro when I miss something asked or shared. haha!

It kinda depends on what you’re using headphones for, if it’s just so others don’t have to hear what you’re playing/listening to, you can always add an open mic to your setup and mix that into your signal, and then the overear headphones no longer really matter.

If it’s to not hear what’s going on around you, then that’s of course not an option, but it doesn’t sound like that’s your target.

Wife got me this a few weeks ago, it was around $20 cheaper at that time. My 1st wireless headset, and one that keeps the ears open to lessen chance of pulling wife agro. Very cool to be able to reach for something or walk away from my computer without yanking the corded headset off. It can be a bit finicky for some games (well, only 1 so far - MWO). It is more oriented towards general purpose. I use it with my cell phone for work calls, and personal use for taking over Google Voice and gaming. I am liking it. OpenComm Bone Conduction Stereo Bluetooth Headset - Best for Work | Shokz Official

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@Zodanga , Those look great! Pricey though fit my objective. I tried the earbuds, both at first. Too darn loud for discord due to the various volumes others speak. So, I began using only one for my left ear while my laptop managed other discord voices and my sound bar (small Vizio) manages game sound below my second screen (ViewSonic 32" curve - cheaper of the curve screens).
Still, not a fan of the ear soreness using it and the earbud doesn’t isolate my speech without a bit of game noise reverbing through.

I’ll continue refining my use of the buds though - yours are the the top of my list if another month passes and still feeling it. Thanks for sharing.

If you end up going for it, there is a cheaper version you could try. OpenMove, for $80. Plus if buy direct from Mfr (https://shokz.com/) , they offer 45 day $ back guarantee & pay shipping. They don’t go in your ear nor press against them, rather they hang over the ear and lightly press against the bone in front of your ear. Top of your ears a bit sore for a few days while you get used to but after I often forget I even have them on. In case you didn’t notice before, they are “bone conduction”. How It Works – Shokz

For the soreness, try different size tips. (Assuming the buds you bought came with multiple tips to try. This was something central to reviews I read about ear buds, the ones with multiple tips are important to improve the fit for some people.)

For folks being different volume levels in discord… I don’t think this is an issue created by going from headset to earbuds. In my experience quiet / loud people are the same regardless of headset, earbuds, or speakers. However, Discord allows you to set volume level for each person in your voice channel as needed. Right click on the specific user in the channel list. You will see a slider for “User Volume”. Place the slider where you prefer for anyone that is too loud or too quiet depending on which way you require. (For anyone that requires the slider be moved significantly, you may want to encourage them to improve their audio settings / setup on their end.)

Obviously, you should make your setup work for you, though having the game sounds on speaker is what causes the sound to get picked up by your mic. I’ve no issues with all sounds in the headset regardless of which type of headset / ear buds… so try just using the earbuds unless you have some other reason for using a speaker.

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Good to know. Thanks.

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