Heads up on possible mod banning wave

The rumor mill has it that at least 3 people may have been banned for mods. The details sound a little sketchy at the moment but I thought I would share because it’s better to be safe.

Youtube Video

I haven’t duped, as far as I know. Honestly it could have happened without me knowing it since my inventory is a huge clutter and I’m always carrying too much stuff. And I haven’t used any mods that would give me an unfair advantage like the now infamous and often discussed lockpick one.

However, I do have cheat engine installed for use in single player offline games. And I have installed mods that would effect quality of life and made things easier for me. No links or names because I don’t want to entice anyone. To keep my account safe, I’m going to stay off the game for a while, at least until more details come out from an official source.

So if you have mods, be careful or consider deleting them for a while.