Head tracking headset for VR?

So my Logitech G430 broke the other day at the henge. The headset still “works” but the left earphone is now hanging by a cord and I have to hold up the phone to my ear to properly get stereo. (I may try a duct tape solution this evening).

Since the headphones are broken and my birthday is coming up in a few weeks I figured now is the time to invest in a new pair of headphones.

Audeze is about to release a set called Penrose using their planar magnetic diaphragm tech. Its not cheap at $300 but given I’m not allowed to play games without headphones I feel like I can morally justify the purchase. Plus it would be nice to support an American manufacturer for once!

It turns out that for another $100 I could buy the Mobius instead which is very similar but also includes head tracking so that when you turn your head, the sounds adjust for localization/spacialization/whatever its called. This seems like a nice feature if I ever decide to buy a VR headset.

I am not sure that I would buy a VR headset. It seems like a fun novelty but I don’t really see myself as ever being a regular VR user so I am not sure that I would buy one to begin with so maybe the extra $100 is a total waste.

On the other hand, if I did ever buy a VR headset maybe I would regret not buying the Mobius. Its my understanding that some of the VR headsets have headphones and some have speakers built into the headband but I have heard/read that the audio is mediocre (except perhaps on the original Oculus Rift).

So… I am curious. Has anyone tried any of these head tracking headsets? Have you or would you ever use one with a VR headset?

Here’s the thing with VR headsets: they do include audio already with appropriate head tracking out of the box and don’t really play well with 3rd party audio headsets.

I’ve had both an HTC Vive and Valve Index. The Vive’s default audio was a pair of earbuds, but could be upgraded with a deluxe audio kit. The Index audio earpieces hover above your ears (they don’t touch). Both sounded perfectly fine in my experience, but I’m not an “audiophile”, either.

You can plug in better headphones to your VR unit in many cases, but that’s still going to be using the VR unit’s audio.

In the end, if you tried to pair 3rd party audio with a VR headset, I’m not sure how well that would sync between the two. But no, I’ve never tried it, either.

Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to know!!