Haven't played since Beta 2012

What have I missed? LOL

I’m not planning to be serious about playing, I just want to feel the story elements again since they were pretty thin back in Beta. That being said, I will probably take my time and play a couple hours per week when I need to immerse myself in another world.

I just submitted a ticket with customer service to get my account working, since, per Error 1076 notes, old Beta accounts might require manual assistance.

It took them 3 weeks to find my account from beta, but they finally found it.

I started by clearing maps and playing through my story. It’s been fun!

Good luck! I find that the game is so massive now it’s hard to figure out what to do sometimes – this game doesn’t help my issues with locking down something to do in a short time.

Welp, I got my answer:

"I understand you’re encountering an error when attempting to log into your account. The error code you’ve received is a result of this account only having Beta Access, as no serial key was applied before the Free-to-play update. Having said that, there are a few ways to fix the issue. The simplest method to get into the game is to create a brand new Free-to-play account by registering a new account on our website here: https://account.arena.net/register

Once your account is created, you can submit a ticket requesting for the E-mail to be changed or swapped as you desire. Please be sure to provide information regarding both accounts if you decide to have your email swapped.

Alternatively, you may purchase a serial key and apply it to your Beta Account via the Account Management page. Once the key has been applied, you’ll be able to log into the game as normal. Please note there are no additional rewards for an account having participated in the Beta.

I hope this information helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Sorry, but yea, the beta accounts didn’t carry over into the live game.

I hope you consider playing. You can try it out with a free account, and then decide whether to purchase the game. Packages are priced reasonably now, and include the expansions to date. The original personal story lines did get fleshed out a lot, and I think the story lines for the expansions are even better than the original personal story.

If you do decide to play, just follow the personal story line as you get used to the game. The stories all got fleshed out a lot since beta. They also added a lot of tutorial and “wayfinding” help for new players from levels 1-30.

Yeah, I’m trying out some different professions right now. I went ahead and bought the Expansion pack and I’ll probably grab the Season #2 story since I’d like to take a character through the full story.

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Call out in guild chat if you need any tips, tricks, or assistance.

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