Have some questions that will help me purchase ESO


I figured I would just go the horse’s mouth and reach out to anyone playing ESO that will answer. I found a web-page that explains that if I purchase Elsweyr, I will get Morrowind, Summerset, and Elswey ( https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Buying_Guide). Does that hold true today? Or was that a limited time thing? I see games on Ebay that still say this.

Also, with these chapters, how do we access the different content/chapters? For example, I played Neverwinter for years and could zone to other areas with a map showing all the zones. A lot of these zones were added with various expansions.

Thank You

Doc (Colwyn)

I don’t know about buying Elsweyr (not even sure if that’s relevant at this point since that’s not the latest expansion?), but the other thing I can answer.

Anytime, from anywhere, at any level, once you have access to and discovered the region.

There are no level restrictions anymore, everything scales. And all portals connect to all other portals.