Happy July Sale

A chance to pick up some ships that haven’t been available in a while/since they were introduced:

Apollo Triage, Cutlass Blue, Phoenix, Star Runner, Razor, Cyclone RC in case you are interested.

Not terrible packs, but the 12 month insurance on a pack over 600 bucks is kinda lame.

I use these things to see if there is anything to cash in a LTI token. Agreed the packs were meh.

was there a different one each day? I only checked it out yesterday

No, I think they did all of them at once. I didn’t upgrade to anything, other than to see if I could. :wink: I already have a Blue and a Star Runner.

Between the Scoundrel Pack and the Crisis Pack I have all three Cutlass models. Scoundrel pack is actually a nice list of ships.

But yeah, I didn’t see anything worth picking up there either. If they had LTI on anything there I might have considered it.
Well, and the Phoenix was sold out long before I got there. I might have grabbed one of those even though I am not that impressed with it. Just for the future upgrade options.