Happy Birthday Harry Dresden!

Happy Birthday Harry Dresden!

There’s a storm rolling in down here in The Old North State - feels rather appropriate. Holding out hope for an ‘announcement’ on Twitter for this special day - not holding my breath, getting a bit short winded for that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love those books.

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One of my favorite book series of all time…ever.

dresden and “mercy thompson” series by briggs my favorite modern day urban cityscape magic detective mixture.

I know it’s rather like eating one chip then having the bag snatched away, but…

Hmmm, now how do I get the computer to read the excerpt in James Marsters voice?

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Peace Talks trailer

One hour interview / Q&A with Jim Butcher

If you didn’t catch it at the end of the trailer or in the Q&A - not one, but TWO Dresden Files books coming out in 2020! Peace Talks in July and Battlegrounds in September.