Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 2 Returns!

Living World Season 2 is returning to Guild Wars 2 on May 25th. Log in to Guild Wars 2 each week to unlock Living World Season 2 episodes for free! Catch up on the story of the dragon cycle and earn rewards and new achievements.

Living World episodes will be in the spotlight chronologically. Episodes are free to unlock during their spotlight week, and we’ll update them with new achievements. Complete all the new Living World Season 2 and 3 achievements to earn a voucher for a Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons precursor weapon. When the expansion launches, you can redeem it and begin crafting your very own third-generation legendary weapon.

Available May 25 - June 22.

Haven’t played since like 3 months since launch, is this normal of a campaign for them to run?

I don’t know. I’ve been away from the game for the past 4-5 years, and only returned to it in February. From what Arena Net has stated, these episodes will be made free every week from May 25th until June 22nd. The Living World Season 2 typically costs gems in the Gem Store, so this is a nice opportunity to get it and play it.

Also, Arena Net is trying to ramp up interest in the game for players new/old, since a new expansion is on the horizon–which will be revealed in more detail on July 27th.

This is a bit out of the ordinary. Usually one would need to at least log into the game during the weeks that a specific chapter is a new release to be able to get access for free. I think it’s a nice gesture that they are offering a way for folks who missed that opportunity to open up the content without needing to spend gems–and give those of us that played through that content already some new achievements to chase.

I’ll probably get back into this soon. I think I already own Living World 2, but maybe not? I know I bought whatever content with gems that was available. I know 1 was never available, but I can’t recall whether 2 was.

I log in daily to the game but haven’t actively played in awhile. Got stuck on a boss in Dry Top and stopped. I still think they plan on getting to Steam at some point as well, so with that and a new expansion on the horizon, the game continues to get new life which makes me happy, because it’s a good one.

@Bracken79, If you log in daily, and haven’t acquired Living World Season 2–you’ll receive an in-game mail with redeemable tokens to get the current chapter. If you’re having problems with a boss in Dry Top, I’m happy to lend a hand. I have a pretty durable Warrior who can take some good punishment to assist you.

@Brecken79 If you got stuck on a Dry Top boss, you probably had that content unlocked, and now is the time to revisit! There are lots of folks out there going for the new achievements, etc. Otherwise, if you need friend to come smash stuff, just put out a call in game guild chat. We are kind of quiet these days, but there is almost always someone that can take some time to come and back you up.

@Breken79 what’s your Guild Wars 2 tag? I’d like to add you, in order to help. Mine is Xinra.1486

There was an issue with the achievement for locating the three legendary llamas in Dry Top, for last weeks bonus event. It seems to be all sorted out now, and I was able to complete the entire set of achievements. There was a hiccup where if you had the achievement in locating the legendary llamas previously, it wasn’t working at all.

Hey, sorry for the late response. Tag is Brecken.2064

Going to look into playing a bit more now - hopping between this and my backlog of single player games to actually complete some of those. :slight_smile:

Just give a holler in guild chat, when you’re finally playing again.

/wave. Have fun chasing those new achieves! Better you than me. XD

Hey, I have been back a week or so. Ended up knocking Dry Top out. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all that one needs.

Now I’m kind of on the hunt for mastery points and looking for start putting together Legendary(is that the first big line) gear. It’s all very overwhelming to start though - any tips or suggestions?

I’ve never tried to get a legendary item. The effort and cost to acquire one turn me off from trying, so I’ve never bothered. Perhaps create a specific thread here in the Guild Wars 2 forums, so your questions will be easy to read and find by everyone.

Actually the more I’ve looked over, it’s Ascended gear that I’m after. Legendary seems somewhat pointless as it’s a ton of effort for little upgrade from what I’m reading.