Guild Wars 2 Live: Summer 2021

Source: Guild Wars 2 Live: Summer 2021 |

ArenaNet has a Summer 2021 outline for Guild Wars 2, and it looks pretty good. Along with a Skills & Balance Update coming May 11th, we’ll also be getting a livestream glimpse into the new expansion: End of Dragons on July 27th!

Here’s a simplified overview, but check out the official link above.


If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

I read through the professions balance planned for May 11. I get the feeling that they are not only balancing things from the past, but perhaps we might get new specialization lines in the expansion. Just my own gut feeling.

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I’m hoping that we get new elite specializations with the upcoming expansion. Hopefully there’s a BIG reveal on the livestream July 27th!

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